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3D displays have great potential for various applications, such as showroom displays and entertainment. Conventional 3D displays, however, suffer from issues such as low content resolution, the hassle of wearing 3D glasses, and 3D motion sickness. The Eye-tracking Light Field Display (ELFD)  is a new type of 3D display that has the potential to solve these issues. By working together with creators to develop not only the content but also the production environment, we aim to popularize this system in a wide range of fields.

Most 3D displays suffer from the vergence-accommodation conflict, which is a significant contributor to eyestrain. Light-field displays avoid this conflict by directly supporting accommodation but they are viewed as requiring too much resolution to be practical, due to the tradeoff between spatial and angular resolution. We demo three light-field display prototypes that show a view-dependent approach which sacrifices viewer independence to achieve acceptable performance with reasonable display resolutions. When combined with a directional backlight and eye tracking system, this approach can provide a 3D volume from which a viewer can see 3D objects with accommodation, without wearing special glasses.

Light Field 3D Technology

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